Use Viamo to:

Measure outputs, outcomes and impact.

Make informed decisions based on real-time data about the population’s knowledge, behaviors and attitudes. Involve the people you serve in the design, management, and evaluation of programs and policies. Collect information at a speed, frequency and cost previously impossible with in-person methods.

Population research

Collect key information from a sample of the national population in fewer than four weeks, for a fraction of traditional in-person approaches. Perform market research, feasibility analyses, impact assessments, pre and post campaign studies, and more.

Example partners: Facebook, World Bank, and Stanford University

Field data collection

Get rid of paper-based data collection. Equip your field staff with state-of-the art digital forms for ongoing data collection with a mobile app, SMS and IVR. Track field activities, monitor disaster response, report on stock levels, measure attendance, follow-up on referrals, etc.

Example partners: Aga Khan Development Network, Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Chemonics, Marie Stopes International, National Disasters Management Institute Mozambique, UNICEF, Yes Brands foods & Beverages

Renew Ethiopia Viamo Case Study
Do market research among hard-to-survey populations
Photo: SarahTz (CC BY 2.0)
Data collection using tablets
Collect data in the field where there is no network connection
Photo: Simon Berry (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Surveillance systems

Increase the number of eyes and ears on the ground. Gather higher-quality data, and validate reports using mobile engagement. Use field staff or the general population to monitor disease outbreaks, pests, corruption, poaching, gender-based violence, election fraud, and more.

Example partners: Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Chemonics, and International Labor Organisation

Monitoring and Evaluation

Run baseline, midline and endline surveys on a weekly or monthly basis to track performance indicators in quasi real-time. Evaluate the performance of in-person activities (such as household visits and beneficiary trainings) at different intervals after the activity to measure outputs, outcomes and impact.

Example partners: FHI360, John Hopkins University, DAI.

Animal health workers in Niger
Animal health workers in Niger report disease cases via mobile.
Cell Phone Fix-it Stall
Reach anyone with access to a mobile phone in their own language
Photo: Mitch Altman (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Data visualization

Visualize your data in real-time web dashboards, custom-made regular reports, spreadsheets, or through our API.

Advanced features

Use our advanced features, and new ones released every two weeks, including:

  • National and targeted sampling
  • Complex conditional logic
  • Randomized branching and answer options
  • Multiple choice and open-ended question formats
  • Retry patterns
  • Drop-and-reconnect feature
  • Voicemail detection
  • Incentives

Widest reach

Use Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to reach anyone with access to a mobile phone in their own language, transcending distance, infrastructure, and literacy barriers. Our direct partnership with telecoms ensure the highest reliability at the lowest cost.

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